Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's a Cinch!

I used to shy away from belts. I thought they added "bulk." Au contraire; I've recently learned they actually have quite the opposite effect. After I purchased a couple belts that really pulled my outfits together, I was hooked. Now I belt everything, from dresses, to skirts, to blazers...the possibilities are endless. Here are some of my favorite belted options, as well as some recommendations on stylish options for this little accessorizing wonder.

This tank has a little bit of volume to it, so unless it's paired with a skinny pant, it needs to be belted or tucked it in to avoid looking like big, gray balloon. I opted to add one of my favorite belts, which is both brown and black, making it universal for almost all color palettes.

Anthropologie Lace-Over-Leather Belt, no longer available

Pictured with J.Crew tank, no longer available, which is also part of my OOTD

I adore this maxi dress; however, because of it's pale color, it can wash me out. By breaking it up with a belt, I add color so it doesn't look so monochromatic.

ModCloth Bicycle Taxi Maxi Dress, no longer available, paired with Old Navy belt, no longer available

Again, I love this dress, but with its nude coloring, it almost begs for a belt.

These are some of my favorite belts, both skinny and thick options:

Topshop Tan Textured Flower Skinny Leather Belt, $32.00, www.topshop.com

Forever 21 Stitched Leatherette Stretch Belt, $6.80, www.forever21.com (you cannot beat that price)

Topshop Red Leather Wide Double Buckle Belt, $70.00, www.topshop.com (fun color, fun design, this belt is a whole bag of fun)

Eddie Borgo at J.Crew Cone and Pearl Belt, $125.00, www.jcrew.com

Anthropologie Channeled Belt, $29.95 on sale, www.anthropologie.com (Anthropologie has some of my favorite belt options; on sale, they are also affordable options)

My "cinched" OOTD:

J.Crew Schoolboy Blazer in Eyelet, $69.99 on sale, www.jcrew.com

Anthropologie Egyptian Eye Earrings, no longer available

Jessica Simpson Gladiator Wedge Sandals, TJ Maxx, no longer available

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  1. That's it. You are TOTALLY helping me pick out a belt in Chicago. Please :P