Friday, August 19, 2011

The Dreaded B-Word


There. I said it. I loathe the word; with its ominous undertones and its ability to make me cringe at the very uttering of it. But alas, it is necessary, and husband and I have come to the unfortunate realization that a budget is necessary right now. We've whooped it up with weekend trips to the city, shopping benders and dinners out more often than dinners in. Now it's time to pull the reigns back and start, shhh, saving. Gulp.

Since I have an almost bottomless closet, I will be on a shopping hiatus for the time being. But for those on a budget who still have an open invitation to shop, here are a few of my favorite picks for fall at a price point that doesn't come with a big heaping pile of guilt.

Trend: Midi dresses/skirts

Forever 21 Chevron Strips Dress, $22.80

The brown tones of the stripes in the dress make it a good transition piece for fall. Just add this:

ASOS Cropped Boyfriend Blazer, $86.20

And these:

Michael Antiono McMahon booties, $59.00

And you're good to go.

Forever 21 Flowy Calf Length Skirt, $18.90 (!)

In another great fall color, this skirt would look amazing with this:

H&M Top, $14.95 (in stores only; I will dance a jig on top of my desk at work the day H&M makes online shopping available)

And this:

ASOS Oasis Skinny 60s Belt (jade green = fall trend), $20.69

And these:

Charles Albert New 3010 pump, $19.97 on sale (!)

Voila! All for under $75! Damn I'm good.

Fall trend: 70's inspired clothing

Forever 21 Stonewash Bell Bottom Jeans, $19.80

Which would look adorable with another fall trend: a ladylike blouse, tucked in with a cute belt and platforms.

Forever 21 Bow Front Button Up, $24.80

This blouse would also pair well with a pair of skinnies tucked into these:

Just kidding. Gotcha! That would be taking the 70's trend a little too far...

How about these instead?

Liliana Rachel-1 Knee-High Boot, $26.88 on sale

The end. As my "budget" quest continues, I imagine my updates on cheap-chic clothing will, too.


  1. LOVE that dress. LOVE.

    i bought a midi skirt today and thought of you!

  2. Lol, I am midi-crazy. I bet you look adorable in it!

  3. love all of these things! cute blog!

  4. i'm a newbie to your blog but i can say this wishlist it reminding me how much i hate being in between paychecks! i'm so ready for autumn/winter shopping!

    alissa b

  5. Ahhh, I'm so ready for Fall and some new (budget-friendly) clothes:-) Great picks! xoxo